Christmas Gift Guide

Explore the world of dog accessories in our Christmas Gift Guide, featuring delightful bandanas, bowties, and neckties. Coordinate your look with Matching Sets or opt for the complete package with Gift Sets, including matching leads and collars. Our accessories make fantastic gifts and are perfect for creating cherished memories and capturing the spirit of the season.

Christmas Canine Couture

Introducing our Christmas Couture collection, where we've decked the halls (and your pups!) in fabulous festive style. Explore a range of charming bandanas, bowties, and neckties in merry prints, designed to make your dog the star of your family Christmas photo. With these handcrafted accessories, your dog will steal the spotlight and spread festive cheer wherever they go!

  • Festive Tie

    This delightfully dapper tie adds a touch of Christmas magic to your pup's neck, ensuring they stand out in style throughout the festive season!

  • Naughty or Nice Bandana

    Is your pup on the 'Nice' list or does mischief reign supreme? Let our 'Naughty or Nice' Dog Bandana be the judge – even the most mischievous pups deserve some festive flair!

  • Christmas Pudding Bowtie

    Indulge in the festive fun and make your "pudding" the centre of attention at festive gatherings with our Christmas Pudding Bowtie!

  • Santa Paws Bandana

    Dress your dog in the merriest style this season with our Santa Paws Slip-On Bandana! It's the easiest way to sprinkle christmas cheer on your furry friend!

  • Sparkling Silver Bowtie

    Ensure your dog shines bright this Christmas with our Silver Sparkle Bowtie! This dazzling accessory is the key to making a sparkling statement, ensuring your pup steals the spotlight at festive celebrations.

  • Festive Stars Bandana

    Wrap your pup in timeless Christmas style with this bandana that effortlessly embodies the festive spirit. Make your dog the star of the season's celebrations with this iconic accessory!


Gifts for your Dog

Unlock a world of stylish and heartwarming surprises for your canine companion. From chic neckties and bowties to festive bandanas, durable collars, and engaging snuffleballs, you're sure to discover the perfect accessory to make your pet's day extra special.

  • Pet Neckties

    Because a dapper dog isn't just for Christmas – it's a gift that keeps on giving all year round! These Pet Neckties, available in a delightful array of colours and patterns, are the perfect accessory for year-round sophistication. Dress your dog to impress every day, because being dapper is a gift that never goes out of style!

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  • Pet Bowties

    Gift your furry friend a touch of flair with our Bowties – the ultimate present for a pet with style! In a range of colors and patterns, these accessories aren't just for special occasions; they're a year-round style statement for your chic companion.

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  • Slip On Bandanas

    Delight your pup with a gift that keeps them stylish year-round – our slip-on bandanas. Effortlessly adding a touch of charm, these accessories make the perfect present for any dog lover, ensuring their furry friend stays fashionable no matter the season!

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  • Snuffleballs

    These Snuffleballs are the perfect gift to keep dogs entertained and calm during the festive hustle and bustle! These engaging toys provide mental stimulation and sensory delight, ensuring your furry friend stays relaxed and happy amidst the festive excitement.

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Matching Sets

Indulge in the charm of coordinated style with our versatile Matching Sets – the ultimate accessory duo designed for both you and your furry sidekick! These sets add a touch of fashion camaraderie without sacrificing comfort or practicality. Elevate your everyday adventures with an understated blend of style and connection that's bound to turn heads wherever you go!


Gift Sets

Explore the ultimate in pet-friendly gifting with our Waterproof, Durable, and Stink-Proof Gift Sets! Each set features a matching lead and collar or a bundled combination with an additional charming accessory. Crafted for everyday adventures, these sets ensure your dog stays stylish and comfortable. With ten vibrant colours to choose from, our gift sets make the perfect present for the dog and owner duo ready to embark on countless joyful journeys together.

  • Biothane Collar and Lead bundle set

    Collar & Lead Bundle Set - Save 10%

    Our Collar and Lead Bundle Gift Set is a fusion of style and durability for your four-legged friend. Select your preferred collar style and choose from ten vibrant colours with various hardware options. Made with Biothane, these collars and leads are waterproof and stink-proof making them exceptionally easy to clean – ideal for winter walkies!

    Build Your Bundle 
  • Ultimate Bundle Set - Save 15%

    Tailor this thoughtful present to your dog's individuality by selecting the collar and lead of your choice. Elevate the cuteness factor by adding a fun collar accessory, ensuring your pup stands out with charm wherever they go!

    Build Your Bundle 

🎄Have a Super Christmas!🎄