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Teal Biothane Waterproof Vegan Buckle Dog Collar

Teal Biothane Waterproof Vegan Buckle Dog Collar

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Handmade to order biothane collar


* Waterproof
* Easy clean
* Vegan
* Extremely strong and durable
* Available in a variety of lengths with a choice of hardware


These collars are made from a material called Biothane. Biothane is an extremely durable material which consists of a strong web core covered in a polymer coating. It doesn’t stretch, it is waterproof, it will not form mould or mildew, it doesn’t absorb odours, it will never dry out or crack and it rinses clean in seconds. It’s a great vegan alternative to leather and a perfect material to make collars for those dogs who love to swim or roll in stinky things…!

The biothane is held together with Chicago screws which have been sealed with thread locker to give the most robust finish possible.

We have a selection of stunning colours and you can choose between silver or black hardware. Matching leads are available.

All collars are 19mm wide and come in the following sizes:
Small - 9" - 13"
Medium - 13" - 17"
Large - 17" - 21"

Please measure your pets neck before ordering to avoid the disappointment of the collar not fitting. A well fitting collar should allow for two fingers to fit between the collar and your pets neck.

We always test all our collars before posting them out to you and we never sell any product we are not fully happy with, however, please use with caution if your dog is an intense puller.

Washing Instructions

Simply wipe clean and wipe dry. It’s really that easy!! You can also scrub the biothane with a nail brush and soap if it is really dirty.

Safety Disclaimer

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  • Quality guaranteed

  • Handmade to Order

  • Premium Customer Service

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